Rosamond, California  USA

PHOTO TOUR - PAGE ONE ... The Wide View

"Old Downtown" (looking SSE)
Bordered by the 14-Freeway in the foreground and to the rear by Sierra Highway & its parallel railroad track, this picture encompasses virtually the entire extent of the original town of Rosamond.

Newer Housing (looking S.)
Turning to the right from  the "downtown" view, this picture starts to show a bit of the checkerboard of new housing developments that are growing west of the freeway. Rosamond and virtually all the new development is in Kern County; Los Angeles County starts a mile or so south of the large housing tract just above center.

About a mile east of Sierra Highway the western edge of the huge Edwards AFB complex forms a barrier to possible development.  While this mile-wide strip is starting to fill in, the bulk of development is happening west of the 14 (Antelope Valley) Freeway along Rosamond Boulevard, filling what was formerly farm/ranch country.  Much of this area also has more favorable drainage, simplifying engineering for the tract developers.

View West
From the 14 Freeway at the bottom of the picture you can see the path of westward development. Most of the undeveloped land in this picture already has zoning &  tract approval for new housing. Upper center is the runway and row of white hangar buildings of the Rosamond Skypark, our town's civilian airport and a fly-in housing development. A tract proposal for 4000 homes has been filed for the vacant land N. of the Skypark. 

New Housing Starts
Even with the downturn in housing not yet over, the demand for attractive yet affordable housing continues to support development activity at a measured pace.